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Looney 4 Balloons has been balloon twisting in Las Vegas for over 12 years. We are licensed and insured.

Face painting in Las Vegas, balloon twisting in Las Vegas and more.

​Mello Art Studios, LLC

Allana Mello

3109 Bangor Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89134

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About Us

Hello my name is Allana (aka Lainie) Mello. I have been living in Las Vegas now since 2005, before that I was a Midwest girl. Born and raised in St Louis but moved to Illinois before making our way to Vegas. I am a wife to a wonderful husband (my best friend) and I have 2 grown children and 1 daughter-n-law. My mother moved to Las Vegas a few years ago and we live very close to each other, a golf cart ride away for her...

In Missouri I was a medical assistant/crafter. During the week days I worked my 40 hours, girl scout leader, boy leader, room mom and on the weekends I traveled to local and statewide craft shows with the kids to sell my wares. I look back now and can't believe I had time for all that, whew!!! In 1998 I met my hubby Russ and boy did life change for the better for me and the kids. We married and moved to Illinois, Tayloville here we come.

In llinois we bought a house from 1882, it needed a little TLC in Taylorville population around 10,000.  Great place for the kids to grow and be teenagers.  We had a small craft shop in our home at first and then ended up purchasing an old building (money pit) in the town square and that is when "From the Heart Boutique" became a cute quaint craft/gift shop.​ I did that for a few years but when I went to a convention in Chicago I met a really neat lady and she was teaching how to create balloon decor to boost your sales. I was hooked.... The shop took on a new look I still created some crafts but the balloons & singing telegrams were a prominent part of the business, we also made gift baskets. Off to college the kids went and opputunity knocked for us to move to Las Vegas and we took it. This is where we wanted to retire in the future so lucky us...

We packed and came to Vegas.

Las Vegas I wanted to do something different when we came here I still did the balloon twisting, balloon decor & singing telegrams but was missing something.... So Looney 4 Balloons, Inc was born and so was Zaney Lainie the clown then my world was filled with birthday parties, events and more. Fun times..... In 2010 I ended up getting very ill (2 strokes) and had to rethink my situation due to a few limitations so I decided to close the balloon decor portion of the business. And puppets came into play during my recovery and Las Vegas Puppets, Inc was born. I did that for a few years and then unfortunately in 2014 I ended up getting ill again and we decided to retire Zaney Lainie the clown, retired puppets in 2016 and we are here today.

Today we have moved more into retirement mode. We moved to Sun City Summerlin to be closer to my mom and to do all the fun stuff for us to do here. My children are in Las Vegas as well. I still face paint and do balloon twisting every weekend up at Tivoli Village's farmers market, do a party once in a while when asked, corporate events I love to do because I get to work with friends....

and now getting the crafting bug again.... so now "Mello Art Studios" is here, we have our craft booth next to us every weekend at the market and are attending some of the small local craft shows.



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