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Line Work for Face Painting

Face Painting Gallery

We have line work down to a science.

If needed, we can do speed painting for large events

(we choose the designs or use your corporate logo to stencil on your guest...

Looney 4 Balloons has been balloon twisting in Las Vegas for over 12 years. We are licensed and insured.

Face painting in Las Vegas, balloon twisting in Las Vegas and more.

Looney 4 Balloons, Inc,

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Face Painting and Temporary tattoos

Las Vegas face painter with over 12 years experience.

We love face painting in Las Vegas. Grown ups love it as much as kids do.

Airbrush & Glitter Tattoos


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With a stroke of a brush your guest can turn into a beautiful princess or the Incredible Hulk!

Kids of all ages love being able to transform into their favorite characters for the day.

Your guest get to choose over 30 designs. Adults love face painting too.

We also serve up Airbrush & Glitter Tattoos for that extra sparkle

we all look for from time to time. Ranging from a sparkly mermaid to tribal designs.

Simply put airbrush & glitter tattoos are quick to produce but look amazing.